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  I’m currently working on a series of Grand Canyon paintings inspired by my hiking there with my sons in June 2017. It was my dream come true and a privilege to follow through with a series of paintings, since I’ve realised I’d done my first oil painting in 1968. It was the same size as this 10”x 8” oil on canvas board GRAND CANYON 1 completed in summer 2017 – which is the first in the series.
 Enjoy! K. Y. Hanewich 

Coming Events:
ART IN THE PARK sponsered by the Friends of Bonnechere Park
Saturdays July 7 OR August 4,  !0 - 11:30
This intro to the fundamentals of outdoor drawing enables people to draw what they see around them. Kim is a practicing artist who has introduced thousands of people to drawing skills since 1984. These sessions are open to ages 10 through 85. (Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult)
4024 Round Lake Road Killaloe ON K0J 2A0
P: 613-757-2103

Yellow stone - a circle.

About Circles of Balance

All life is a circle. – Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

Circles of Balance provides education and Circle facilitation based in First Nations Indigenous understanding of equality, non-interference, respect, balance and interconnectedness.

Circle-keeper/Facilitator Kim Hanewich began exploring the Circle/Medicine Wheel world view in 1973 to understand her maternal Wendat/Anishinabe heritage.

Red stone

Circle Facilitation Services

It is a native tradition to sit in a circle and talk –
to share what is in your heart.

– John Peters (Slow Turtle), Wampanoag

Kim uses her extensive experience in traditional teaching and ceremonial Circles to facilitate:

  • traditional Circles
  • unity building Circles
  • teaching and sharing Circles or
  • mediation Circles (or standard mediation)
for families, peers, students, employees, community members, children, youth or adults.

Black stone

Circle Speaking or
Circle Workshop Education Services

All things are contained within the Medicine Wheel and all things are equal within it. The Medicine Wheel is the total universe. And for those who seek Understanding, the Circle is their Mirror.
– Hyemeyohsts Storm - Cheyenne

Circles of Balance offers lectures or workshops exploring the history and philosophy of Indigenous Sacred Circle and the practical value of implementing circle use to impact current social, economic and political issues.

Kim is also an able speaker and educator on 4 Directions Teachings, 7 Grandfather Teachings and areas in Aboriginal history.

*When applicable people may participate in a unity building Circle to learn skills in equitable, cohesive group interaction and respectful, noninterference generated understanding using Indigenous Circle methods.

White stone

Creativity Development Speaking or
Workshop Education Services

But each of us must find out for himself or
herself what their gift is, so that they can
use it in their life.
– Jimmy Jackson - Ojibway

As an accomplished artist, Kim is able to inform individuals about enhancing right brain creative capacity and communication, today’s most effective individual adaptive skills.

She explains right and left brained focus to show how the majority of people are suffering common effects of left brained bias. Kim then explores steps in the creativity generation process and the value of implementing these skills in personal, employment or educational environments.

*Where applicable participants may engage in a process to implement creativity skills development.

Kim Hanewich

Kim Hanewich - Circle-keeper, Facilitator and Educator

Both art and Circles are creative.
Art develops personal voice. In Circles people use their voice to make connections with others.

Throughout her thirty-year visual arts practice and extensive experience in art education, Kim has come to understand the power of the First Nations tradition of Circle interaction. Drawing on extensive experience in traditional teaching and ceremonial Circles, she facilitates Circle interaction and provides workshops and lectures that explore the application of these traditional methods to many areas.

In combining Traditional Circle-Keeping, creativity and Family Court experience with being an Ontario Association for Family Mediation (OAFM) Accredited Family Mediator Kim is also able to offer respectful, confidential Family Mediation services.

Kim's credentials include:

  • Honours B.A. in Fine Arts, University of Waterloo
  • Peacemaking Circles Training and Family Mediation Skills Certificates, University of Waterloo
  • Ongoing participation in Ceremonial Circles since 1999
  • Assistant to Elder/advisor for Canadian National Youth Committee on HIV/Aids 2006
  • Circle Advisor/Facilitator in Arnprior Right Relations Ecumenical Retreat Circles 2009
  • Co-facilitated Teaching Circles for local Aboriginal group 2009
  • Co-facilitated Circles on history & 7 Grandfathers Teachings for high school students 2009
  • Facilitated Circles and workshops on Petrography for public school students 2009
  • Teaching Circle on First Nations History for Ryerson University students 2009
  • Coordinated and facilitated eighty Traditional Teaching Circles in seven communities in the Ottawa Valley for women of First Nations heritage 2010
  • Developed and co-facilitated workshops on Circle and Medicine Wheel 2010
  • Facilitated Teaching Circle on Medicine Wheel for First Nations youth camp 2010
  • Facilitated Teaching Circle for First Nations women on Sacred Circle 2012
  • Facilitated Teaching Circles about turtles for public school students at Bonnechere Provincial Park 2012
  • Leadership team United Church Right Relations Circle Retreat 2012
  • Facilitated fifteen Circles on Traditional Anishinàbe Clan Governance 2012 - 13
  • Facilitated twenty Circles for Leaders of Tomorrow Program 2013
  • Information & Referral Coordinator - Renfrew County Mediation Services 2013 - 2018
  • Circle of Care Facilitator Training - Eastern Ontario 2014 - 15
  • Assisted with eighty-two family mediations - as intern 2014 - 15
  • Facilitated Presbytery Truth & Reconciliation Circle 2015
  • Facilitated three Skills Link Youth Circles 2015
  • Facilitated child and family service worker & family Circles for Circle of Care - Wabano 2015
  • Facilitated series of Targeted Initiative for Older Workers Circles 2015
  • Accredited Family Mediator (Acc.FM) with Ontario Association for Family Mediation (OAFM) 2016
  • Mandatory Information Program (MIP) presenter at Pembroke Courthouse 2016 - 2018
  • Onsite Family Mediator at Pembroke Courthouse 2017 - 2018
  • Facilitated Family – Family and Child Service Worker – Justice Circle 2018

In addition to her own artistic practice, she has worked as an educator in practical oil, drawing, printmaking and watercolour skills.

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